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Steal The EQ's ERG 20+ Insights (Dos & Don'ts) - Non Ordered. Tag our social if found it useful and we will respond @eqmembers (twitter) @Eqcommunity(linkedin)

  1. DD don't post random news links
  2. Although they can be the easiest thing to go to, but what it does is takes away from the important things. If there is a compelling news story post it along with your point of view
  3. DO to be success you need a dedicated manager (strategist)
  4. You want to be able to collect the dots to connect the dots
  5. The metric should not be how long they stay, it should be how often they frequent
  6. It doesn't have to be daily, but they should be able to dip in at any time to get some value
  7. DO have a clear purpose and clear values
  8. What results do you want people to get from it.
  9. Internal mobility
  10. professional development
  11. improving the brand. Feel-Good Factor (TM)
  12. What does proper engagement look like
  13. DO ask but don't expect people to contribute
  14. Some people are naturally introverted. Some people are just following and still receiving value
  15. DO highlight members and achievements in your community
  16. This shows both individual and company progress. This generates that feel-good factor
  17. DO ask thoughtful questions that people can answer in under 6 seconds
  18. As the moderator you should think through your questions but people shouldn't have to think through their answers
  19. DO be consistent
  20. Let people know to expect it not to be quiet
  21. DO where possible virtual and in-person events
  22. In-person events build bonds that drive engagement that will lead to retention in your community
  23. DO make sure that you have more than one person model what you will like to see in the community
  24. This makes it easy to replicate the expected behaviors
  25. DO ask the community for feedback when making meaningful decisions about the community itself.
  26. DO poll the community to ensure they feel included in decisions you may take and garner important and unexpected insights
  27. DO ensure that people use their real name and profile picture
  28. This humanizes the experience. People want to be seen and people want to see people.
  29. DO share stories
  30. Example: success stories, challenges, experiences that you've overcome. All stories bring insights with them
  31. DO think of your ERG as a community, it is NOT FOR THE COMPANY. It is NOT A BOX TICKING EXERCISE. It is for the EMPLOYEES. If you make it anything but, people will see through it and it will hurt your brand
  32. Seek out unknown champions. They can create a lot of energy in the community that will generate momentum
  33. Think about not what people do, but what people feel when they step into the community
  34. You want people to feel good instead of feeling a little bit dirty (as in other socials)
  35. Have some consistent events that people look forward to. Have a forward looking calendar with events people want to be part of. Don't plan last minute
  36. DO make sure the executives have visibility about what goes on in the ERG.
  37. The ERG should be run by people that are experts of facilitating conversations. There is a lot of responsibility that goes into running the ERG. Hosting your community is the same as hosting the party. Those that want to be at the party might not want to host the party
  38. Have incentives within the community. Think about how to make the community not only valuable but fun. Fun is underrated.
  39. Although difficult to do and measure. Think about tangible results. Write down goals and share them on a monthly basis.
  40. Ensure that the balance of power is evenly distributed. The purpose of the community is so that everyone has a voice. Your leader's job is to facilitate.