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High-end screened & qualified diverse talent.

Your premium recruiting partner for diverse talent.

Access hard to find diverse talent with more predictable outcomes than traditional models.

Superstar Diverse Talent Pipelines

EQ will always present you with the best self-identified underrepresented talent for every role

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Resume Bias Remover

EQ standardised all profiles into a simple format to ensure fair evaluation

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Save Time Screening

leveraging tech and humans, EQ will screen each candidate to ensure you have accurate matches

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Simple Interview scheduling

Select your candidate. No more back and forth; let our AI take care of scheduling your interviews.

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Diversity Reporting

Information to help you make better hiring choices across your company

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0% placement fee

Hire as many candidates as you want for no extra cost on the recruiter & team plans


Empowering you and your hiring teams to connect with top talent.

Step-by-step guide.

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We start with an onboarding call to understand the requirements for your open roles.

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Next, let's determine your ideal profiles for each role.

We will share some examples of profiles for your feedback.

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Then the magic, we activate the powerful EQ Community network.

By launching targeted campaigns to EQ members, member referrals, 21,000 subscribers, and a database of 2.6 million diverse profiles.

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Once that's done, it's time to match & even screen your referrals

Talent specialists do screening for skills, experience and availability.

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πŸŽ‰ Ready to interview

We will send you candidates ready for you to schedule an interview. We match your first candidates within three business days

Who uses EQ to hire?

Exclusively, inclusive companies. That need to hire now and want access to diverse superstar talent at the mid-senior level for remote positions in the US.

leaders hiring for $100K + roles in Sales, product, data, engineering and corporate functions.


HR & DE&I leaders

Hiring managers

VC & Private Equity

Who is it for?

A few of our partners.

EQ Intro Plans.

Focused on roles in sales, marketing, product data and Director plus corporate functions for remote positions over $100k in salary.

Recruiter one role
$8000 +10% per placement
8-10 introductions
  • 10% Placement fee
  • 1 user
  • 1 role
  • Access to EQ Intro web app portal
  • 5 additional intros $1000
  • Interview scheduling
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Team Support
$4750 /pm
20 introductions per month
  • 0% placement fee
  • Dedicated diversity talent specialist
  • 3 users
  • up to 10 roles
  • Interview scheduling
  • Pre screening of skills & experience
  • Access to EQ Intro web app portal
  • $750 Per additional role
  • $149 Per additional user
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Enterprise scale
$10k /pm
Recruitment process outsource (RPO) 23% per placement
  • Full database access
  • Unlimited roles
  • Dedicated diversity Recruiter
  • Interview scheduling
  • Up to 10 roles
  • Team Training
  • Access to community events
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Remove bias with standardised resumes
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Just a few of our team


Talent Acquisition leader whose team is helping EQ members to explore opportunities with our partners


NYC Data Engineer leader by day Blockchain Philosopher By Night


15 years + in customer operations London-born, Jamaican roots and a lover of tech and sports


Recovering Fortune 500 Executive. Built by πŸ‡―πŸ‡² & πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ raised πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§in living in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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About EQ

That Equity, Equality and Emotional Intelligence (commonly known as Emotional Quotient, or EQ) are values that every individual and company should champion to create real, sustainable change and foster a more inclusive world of work. A diverse and inclusive workforce results in greater innovation, creativity, profitability, and competitive advantage. If we all champion these values and help each other, everyone wins.

After consulting with fast-growing tech companies on their DE&I initiatives, there was a will to do more, but they did not know-how. This is where EQ comes in. Our Founder spent the last 16 years in HR tech& recruiting, climbing from the front line to Executive & CEO inside a Fortune 500 company focused on online recruitment & digital transformation and a prominent Microsoft Services Executive Board position. He’s witnessed only a surface level evolution of access to meaningful and life-changing jobs, especially for people of color. He was fortunate enough to build relationships and capabilities that propelled his career. After hearing this from new companies and witnessing a lack of representation at the top felt the time was now to focus on providing the required access to capable, diverse talent to thrive

It's your safe place to build; Connections: Develop real relationships Careers: Access opportunities Community: Each one teach one Professionals now have a place to connect with people that care about helping each other progress & accessing to exclusive opportunities, e.g roles (usually under the radar for POC) - particularly Board & Senior level roles. The combined salaries of all the open roles from our member companies exceed $550+ million, with around $6+ billion in share options (based on current value). We ensure that professionals benefit from these opportunities, EQ is a community that looks out for each other, where you can share and learn in a safe space.

We work with growing companies who have expressed a strong interest in cultivating a diverse workforce to support their talent needs, reinforce their D&I employer value proposition, and connect relevant corporate partners with EQ community members. Access to the community allows companies to engage with and hire premium talent, whilst promoting the employer brand, learning best practices in building a D&I program, and highlighting its commitment to building a diverse and inclusive.